Basic Materials

I take care about the fact, that my suppliers resign to use chromium trioxid (Chrome VI) in an environmentally safe production process which leads to a contaminant free end-product. The well respected company Rendenbach delivers to me sole and insole as well as cappings made of genuine leather. If desired a rubber sole can be mounted as well. In order to get the desired solidity steel and/or carbon is used for the shoe joint.

Upper materials and Lining

I’m accessing notable german suppliers which can offer to me a lot of different sorts of leather with a great variation of colors for the upper material and lining. You have the choice between nappa, boxcalf, kidskin, patent leather, crocodile leather, fur and many more exclusive materials. Lining usually is made out of kidskin or horsehide.

Platform and Heel

Even with the heel and the platform You have a wide choice of materials. If plastics, stainless steel or wood – all those materials offer an enormous creative leeway, which leads to Your new shoe being a unique masterpiece.

Upper Latex

By working together with the experienced design-studio Rosengarn I can offer You latex as an additional material for creating the bootleg. This extraordinary material is available in a hug number of colors and allows the creation of tight-fit boot- and thigh-high-design which provides an extravagant appearance to You. We only use fabrics of the famous english manufacturer 4D which perfectly fulfils all standards. Despite of the various colors You can also choose between many thicknesses. This give You the option to have a smooth or strong bootleg.

Do You have Questions?

It will be a pleasure to me to anwer all Your questions and to explain all material specifics and variations in detail to You. Please contact me, get informed and challenge me with Your very personal desires. I will offer all my knowledge and perfection for Your individual shoe.

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